Thank the Landlord, good news

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  Posted by: electime      8th September 2021

“Great news! After last the horrible year, since the beginning of April the market for electrical inspection has hugely expanded!” said Brendan Beaver, manager at Metrel UK Ltd. “Landlords are now obliged to have their properties inspected for electrical safety every 5 years or between tenancies, whichever is the sooner.”

“It’s a great opportunity to earn some free money for electricians. Dust off your old instruments, update the firmware, check the calibration and introduce yourself to some letting agents and get in to producing Landlord Electrical Safety Reports.”

“If you are lucky enough to own a Metrel multi-function tester you can update your tester’s firmware yourself. Whether it be a MI3125, MI3102BT, MI3100S or MI3100SE, e-mail me at asking for the latest firmware and I will have a link and instructions sent to you.”

“Your tester will be a good as when it was new and all for free”