What product where: Red Arrow’s site lighting simulation

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  Posted by: electime      24th November 2021

When the clocks turn back every autumn, sales of site lighting skyrocket – as contractors are suddenly faced with darker evenings, shorter days and less natural light on site. Both contractors and wholesalers alike are often caught unawares by the change (thanks to busy work schedules and the end-of-summer trade counter rush) and as a result find themselves making a frantic dash to source the right products to illuminate worksites over the darker days of winter. As a result, many fall back to using the same products they have used before – but thanks to advances in 110V lighting, there are more efficient, flexible and easy to use options available that they may be missing out on.

Red Arrow have created a solution to help commercial contractors and wholesalers choose the right lighting options for the job at the hand. At their brand-new facility in Barnsley, they’ve built a site lighting simulator to demonstrate 110V site lighting products in situ: from festoons and floodlights, to and bulkheads.

A mezzanine has been converted into a typical worksite, with part assembled stud walls and unmade floors fitted with a full range of 110V site lighting. Contractors and wholesalers are given the opportunity to see new and long-running products in action, to get a better idea of the benefits, USPs and best use cases of the products available.

Here are the product ranges that are on display:


Festoon kits provide flexible and adaptable lighting that can be hung around a site’s framework. Three versions are available – 12m, 22m, 50m – but it’s the 12m that offers the most flexibility: it can be connected with up to 20 more of the same fitting. Simply unplug festoon in areas that are not currently being used, and plug it into where it is needed, to make your festoon more adaptable to the space.

Best for: a flexible approach that can be easily adapted to any area.

Uplights and globe lights

To fully illuminate a site area, uplights and globe lights are available with a 360-degree light distribution. Both products feature a switchable emergency backup to conserve battery power and can be moved to different areas of the site as needed without losing illumination.

Best for: 360-degree illumination from a single point.

Non-corrosive lighting

The backbone of any site installation, the non-corrosive lights on show have a robust IP65 body and stainless-steel clips as standard. A self-supporting tripod or frame version is also displayed, to show how non-corrosive products can be used in specialist applications – such as plaster work – or to provide greater flexibility when moving lights from one area to another.

Best for: lighting that can withstand heavy use on active building sites.


A range of floodlights are available to provide perimeter and security lighting on site. These floodlights are perfect for mounting at height, and to increase security by lighting a wider area around the site. With surge protection fitted as standard, they are a robust choice for use on construction sites.

Best for: security and perimeter lighting.


With maintained and non-maintained options, site bulkheads can be used for general security illumination or as a backup light source in case of a power interruption, which can be common on site, particularly when construction is underway.

Best for: keeping sites’ secure or providing a backup in case of power disruption on site.

Battery floodlights

A self-supporting light source that contractors can keep in their vehicle, battery floodlights are a good option to have as an efficient backup light source in case of power failure.

Best for: keeping on board a vehicle as an emergency backup light source.

Finding the right product for the job

Red Arrow’s site lighting simulation is a great way to see products in use to help contractors and wholesalers discover new products and identify what’s best for specific site requirements, but Red Arrow have also extended that concept to their packaging and product information.

A separate Trade Counter demonstration area at the facility illustrates how Red Arrow products can be displayed in branch, to give contractors easy access to all the information they need prior to purchase – and wholesalers the information they need to support at point of sale.

Products are broken down into specific areas, with colour coded packaging designed to give clear pointers to where they are most commonly used: site, industrial, outdoor, commercial, downlights and emergency. These product categories also form the backbone of Red Arrow’s new website and forthcoming catalogue and are a core part of their commitment to making commercial lighting products accessible and easy to use for contractors.

To visit Red Arrow’s new facility and see the site lighting simulation for yourself, or for any advice on the site lighting options available, contact Red Arrow on 0800 195 0006 or visit the Red Arrow Electrical Distribution website.