Max greens up for Devondale Electrical

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  Posted by: electime      12th March 2018

South West independent electrical wholesaler Devondale Electrical says it is committed to developing its supply of high quality renewables products to meet growing demand in the region.

The expansion is being overseen by the company’s renewables specialist, Max Harvey, who joined the business last year.

Max said: “I like the long-term vision in renewables, especially with society understanding it needs to become more sustainable.

“With a wider, more effective range of renewable electrical products becoming available, it’s a good time to move into the area in greater depth.”

After studying Marketing Management at the University of Gloucester, Max, 26, became interested in renewable products during a graduate scheme with a national electrical wholesaler, which resulted in his appointment as Green Technology Manager.

He moved to Devondale in August last year and after a stint in general electrical sales to get a feel for the overall business model, he was given the remit of masterminding the company’s renewable offer.

Initially based purely at the Glastonbury branch, Max has been busy working closely with Devondale’s senior management team over the past six months, setting up supply chains and researching new suppliers, such as JA Solar, SolaX, K2 Systems and Solar Edge.

He has also been busy organising training seminars in Exeter and Paignton for customers who have previously shown interest in renewable products.

“After the initial boom in solar PV when it boasted high tariffs and the decline when the tariffs turned out to be unsustainable, many electricians moved away from renewables.

“Now, with the logical step of battery storage for electricity generated during the daytime, renewable options are once again taking centre stage.”

The latest battery technology enables retrofitting to existing solar PV systems, so people can use the electricity from their system rather than send it to the grid.

Ultimately, Max feels that for businesses moving to electric car fleets, a system of solar panels feeding into car charger points will offer an efficient and cost-effective solution.

“At the end of the day, as well as helping the environments, businesses and homeowners want to save money as well – with the new product developments, green technology answers both these demands.”

As well as customer events and product training, Max can assist with designs and quotes and set up manufacturer visits.

Contact Max directly on 07976 816858.