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  Posted by: electime      5th June 2019

Hughes Electrical in Ipswich has donated equipment to a local school to help avoid food waste and run more efficiently.

The company has provided a much needed fridge and washing machine to Cliff Lane Primary School to benefit its 428 pupils and members of staff.

It can use the fridge to safely store perishable items such as milk and fruit which are delivered in bulk, while the washing machine is used to make sure there is a plentiful supply of clean tea towels to dry plates and cutlery.

Said head teacher Nadia Basse; “Storing milk and fresh fruit, particularly during the summer, was a challenge for us so having a new fridge is a real bonus as it will enable us to reduce waste.

“The washing machine is a great asset in our dining hall. While we have dishwashers crockery and cutlery still need to be dried so having clean, fresh tea towels is a real bonus.”

Added Rachel Murrell from Hughes’ Felixstowe Road Outlet branch; “When we heard about the issues Cliff Lane Primary were facing we were delighted to offer our support. Our branch on Felixstowe Road is only a stone’s throw from the school and as we see ourselves very much part of our local community we are happy to help. “We are pleased the fridge and washing machine are being put to such good use and hope they benefit the school and its pupils for many years to come.”