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  Posted by: electime      9th October 2018

One of Europe’s leading smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detector suppliers, FireAngel, has completely transformed the future of fire safety with the launch of its unique connected homes proposition, FireAngel Predict.

Designed to protect lives and prevent costly fire damage, the patented technology has a unique algorithm that identifies patterns of potentially dangerous behaviour, sending an alert to intervene and in doing so averting a potential fire.

Accessible to homeowners, tenants and landlords via an administration system on a PC or mobile, the easy to install technology sends real-time notifications on the status of the connected devices, whilst simultaneously calculating the risk of potential fire events.

Using a complex algorithm and real-time data, FireAngel Predict is able to calculate the risk of a future fire event by using data sent from FireAngel’s Wi-Safe 2 range of smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms through a Gateway to the cloud platform.

The Wi-Safe 2 wireless technology connects all FireAngel Wi-Safe 2 alarms throughout the home so that they constantly monitor and communicate with other alarms in the network The Wireless Gateway technology connects to the internet, to push alerts externally and real time alerts from a network can be sent via a personalised management dashboard, email or mobile. All devices can be then remotely monitored by the FireAngel Connect Administration system.

Steve Topham, Director of Service Support at Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, said: “FireAngel Predict will provide a step-change in fire safety. This unique cloud-based technology evaluates numerous criteria in real time, allowing us to pin-point high risk scenarios and intervene to prevent fires before they start.”

Alongside FireAngel’s Wi-Safe 2 network, the System utilises Z-Wave wireless communication technology, providing the potential for future connection with other complementary devices for additional functionality.

Nick Rutter, Chief Product Officer for FireAngel, said: “FireAngel Predict completely revolutionises how individuals are protected from potential fire and carbon monoxide incidents. FireAngel is dedicated to creating safety solutions that are based on innovation, quality and reliability and our latest predictive technology takes this to the next level.”

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