Fegime: more than just a buying group

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  Posted by: electime      14th January 2019

We caught up with the CEO of Fegime to find out the group’s plans for 2019 and why they are looking for new members… 

As current members and suppliers are aware, the Fegime group focuses on building relationships, combining purchase power, reaching new clients and sharing knowledge and expertise. It is a network of small to medium sized electrical wholesalers who work together to bring value to their clients. By consolidating purchasing through one entity, Fegime helps smaller independent wholesalers compete with the Nationals. It also provides networking opportunities through regular meetings and an annual conference.

As a member, BEW are hard to beat on prices and in November, BEW’s Commercial Director, David Shirt, was named as the new chairman. ‘I’ve been on the board of Fegime UK for three years and, by rotation, it’s my turn to take the Chair’, he told us, ‘I’ll work in conjunction with Alan Reynolds, the CEO of Fegime, to oversee the running of the group while chairing meetings and furthering the relationships with suppliers.’

We spoke to CEO Alan Reynolds to find out more about Fegime and David’s new role…

Q. What is Fegime?

Alan: Fegime is known as a buying group, but we are much more than that. Our main role is to negotiate central commercial deals with our preferred suppliers. We also agree on new suppliers with a focus on what they can bring to the group and what we can do for them. At Fegime, we are continuously adding value in what we do.

Q. What are the benefits of joining Fegime?

There are different benefits for both the supplier and our members. Regarding suppliers, our main aim is to maximise their potential within the group.

The main benefits for suppliers include:

  • One central agreement with all members – this means the supplier doesn’t need to produce 29 individual agreements.
  • Continuous tracking and monitoring of these central agreements. Fegime communicates with the right people within the group via mailing lists on things like promotions, price changes and new products.
  • Trade shows – these give suppliers a window of opportunity to show members their new products and technologies.
  • Fegime catalogues – suppliers with a central agreement are always represented in the catalogue, which is also featured on the Fegime and some member websites.
  • Education and training of Fegime staff to aid suppliers in the development of the new products they offer.
  • Making members aware of new market trends and opportunities as technology and legislation drive change.

The main benefits for members include:

  • Similarly to the suppliers, members don’t need to negotiate central agreements with different suppliers – Fegime does it for them.
  • Fegime will track these central agreements to maximise the rewards members get from the commercial agreement.
  • Relevant updates to price lists, new products and technology, plus the attendance of general meetings featuring trade shows to facilitate networking opportunities.
  • Production of all members catalogues with online versions, working with suppliers to ensure content is relevant, saving members time and money.
  • Updating members on all activities within Fegime Europe, including training opportunities and supplier agreements.

Q. Can you tell me more about Fegime Europe?

Alan: Fegime Europe spans across 17 countries, plus Argentina, so Fegime can help suppliers expand across the globe. Just recently, one of our UK suppliers successfully branched into Europe with a Fegime European Agreement. Another key part of Fegime Europe is the training facilities they provide to the next generation of entrepreneurs and family owners – not all groups have this.

Q. Do you need new members?

Alan: Geographically, there are a lot of areas across the UK without a Fegime presence, and it would be great for us to expand into the Midlands, the North and the South West. However, we’re always open to look at any new members. We are looking for new members who have the ambition to grow and Fegime can certainly aid them in doing this. We have clear examples of members who since joining have gone from single branch operations to multi-branch businesses BEW is one fine example of that. So, new members are not only great for the Group, but the Group can also aid them to develop.

Q. And finally, what do you hope David will bring as chairman?

Alan: As a group, Fegime acknowledges that we need to think of new ideas and keep on top of the market changes. This will be David’s first year in the role and I know he has some clear views on how he’d like things to be done. It’s great to see someone new, bringing in a fresh set of views. I’m confident that David will put his own mark on his role as chairman and I am looking forward to working with him over the coming year.

For more information on Fegime, head to http://fegime.co.uk/ or ask in branch at BEW.