Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) for BisTrack Unlocks the Potential of e-Commerce for Electrical Wholesalers

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  Posted by: electime      17th January 2019

With the Internet displacing face-to-face interactions at the front end of the sales funnel, e-Commerce is increasingly vital to the business growth strategies of electrical wholesalers. With so much debate around the threat that Internet-only retailers like Amazon pose to the industry, Epicor next-generation software solutions make it easy for wholesalers to establish an online storefront and serve customers more efficiently and effectively.

Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) for BisTrack enables electrical wholesalers to create unique e-Commerce stores quickly—providing all the tools needed to facilitate an exceptional online customer experience that drives new growth.

A robust cloud-based e-Commerce platform, ECC for BisTrack makes it easy to deliver a consumer-like and fully branded e-Commerce site that satisfies the expectations of the growing number of ‘digital-first’ customers who prefer to transact and order online.

“ECC for BisTrack can help a wholesaler build an online presence for a much smaller investment than a bricks and mortar showroom,” says Mark Hughes, Regional Vice President UK & Ireland. “It can help them compete with Internet-only retailers who are making waves in the marketplace but don’t have the distribution, knowledge, and expertise wholesalers can take advantage of.

“However, it’s important to recognise that e-Commerce goes beyond simply adding an online store to a website. Today’s systems deliver powerful end-to-end functionality that can support the fast-paced business goals of digital distributors—such as increased productivity, growth, and differentiation,” he continues.

The ECC platform extends Epicor BisTrack—a next-generation solution optimised for merchant businesses—with a tightly integrated e-Commerce business solution that eliminates multiple product databases and the need for duplicate data entry. Integrating with business processes in real-time, all information is mastered from the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and completed online transactions are automatically reflected in the ERP system.

Providing a complete set of B2B and B2C tools that are ready to be deployed quickly, ECC for BisTrack makes it easy to incorporate specific online features required for selling direct to consumers, as well as to business customers or tradespeople.

Built on the power of the Magento open source e-Commerce platform, ECC for BisTrack makes it possible to build and manage custom websites for the business needs of today and into the future. It provides organisations with the flexibility to add new capabilities and apps from the Magento Marketplace as they grow, without being locked into one vendor’s ecosystem.

With online shopping increasingly popular in business settings, ECC for BisTrack is a comprehensive e-Commerce solution that gives electrical wholesalers the tools they need to set their brand apart and drive new growth.