The Electrical Industries Charity is excited to support Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 in partnership with the Mental Health Foundation

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  Posted by: electime      14th May 2020

The Electrical Industries Charity have always championed positive mental health in both your work and home life. It is more vital than ever to create and try to maintain a positive mindset and be vigilant for signs of ill mental health in others. The Electrical Industries Charity is excited to promote the theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week – kindness.

It is more important than ever to be kind, to look after one and other and be kind to ourselves. In a confusing and uncertain world, a kind gesture can be all that is needed to place a smile on your face and someone else’s. Kindness is something we can all practice and in these times of pandemic, kindness is all around us. From those who donate to food banks, offer their time to shop for the vulnerable, to those who have painted rainbows in their windows to thank our key workers. These little pick-me-ups are what keep us going in these tough times.

We all understand how to be kind to one and other. Humanity is united by our ability to be kind. It is the way we bond. Being kind is how we can reduce stress, develop friendships and it is the ultimate antidote to isolation.

We may be in a world flooded with uncertainty and some of us may feel despairing but take the time to improve your own well-being and someone else’s. Boil the kettle and arrange a video call for a 20-minute chat with a friend. Cultivate a herb garden and share the fruits with a neighbour, drop them to a friend’s doorstep or a family member. Post a card to someone for no reason but to say hi. These little gestures don’t cost the earth, but they mean the world. We have never been more physically distant; kindness can bridge that gap and help form steppingstones of smiles to feeling together again. The Electrical Industries Charity want to champion kindness and are encouraging you to spread random acts of kindness wherever you may be. They want to hear all about how you have been spreading kindness this week. Share an image with The Electrical Industries Charity and don’t forget to tag @electricalcharity plus #KindnessMatters and #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

If you would like to understand more about your own mental health, your family’s, friends’ and colleagues’ then why not sign up to The Electrical Industries Charity’s virtual mental health training course which you can do from your own home. Courses are limited to six participants at a time and you will receive access to powerpoints, video and interactive communication as well as open communication with a qualified trainer. To find out more about these sessions please contact