De-mystifying and Myth Busting Air Source Heat Pumps with Panasonic

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  Posted by: electime      21st June 2021

Hear the truth about heat pumps from the counties and countries that have real experience….

Panasonic is pleased to announce its support for Heat Pump Month, produced in conjunction with Low Carbon Homes UK. Beginning on 17th June, Heat Pump Month provides a month-long series of free-to-attend online events aimed at bringing together housing, built-environment, policy and installation professionals. The first event takes place at 4pm-8pm on 17th June where attendees can access a team of industry experts including one of Panasonic’s low carbon experts, Tony Lathey.

Later in the month, Panasonic will be hosting an event focussed on providing accurate and helpful information on Air Source Heat Pumps.  De-mystifying and Myth Busting Air Source Heat Pumps on 29th June from 10am to 12noon, the session will provide delegates with guidance and advice from concept to completion and covering specifying ASHPs, sizing, designing, installation and aftercare maintenance.

Richard Bishop, Head of Marketing for Panasonic UK and Ireland commented, “We are excited to be part of Heat Pump Month and to be contributing to a low carbon society for future generations – a top priority for Panasonic. It is important that we highlight and explore how the heating and cooling industry is evolving and setting new trends and standards to help combat climate change. Homeowners are increasingly looking for their homes to be more energy efficient and for low carbon solutions.We are very much looking forward to discussions during the month and beyond.”

Panasonic is a world leader within the heating and cooling industry, with over 60 years of experience of producing innovative products. The company invests heavily in R&D to develop new solutions to advance the market, with a huge emphasis on environmental impact, hence the investment in emerging low carbon technologies such as air source heat pumps.

Panasonic’s Aquarea air-to-water heat pump range is part of a new generation of heating and air-conditioning systems designed to heat or cool the home and to produce hot water. The Aquarea range includes a wide range from 9 to 16 kW, 240v single phase split-units, as well as units for three-phase supply. This high-efficiency heat pump operates at outside temperatures as low as –20ºC. Aquarea’s 7 kW system has a COP of 4.40 which means that for every kW of electricity consumed, it returns 4.40 kW of energy, i.e. 3.40 kW more than a conventional electrical heating system which has a maximum COP of 1. This is equivalent to savings of 78%.

Graham Lock, Founder of Low Carbon Homes and organiser of Heat Pump Month commented, “This is going to be an informative and fun experience for all involved. We’re determined to offer much more than the conventional webinar, enabling attendees to gather in a highly sociable online environment, while learning from peers and practitioners”.

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