Clean fleet. Clean paperwork. GoWash Launches A Streamlined Fleet Account

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  Posted by: electime      10th November 2021

Innovative smartphone app GoWash, which allows drivers to make contactless payments at any of their network of participating car wash sites, launches a service for busy fleet managers and small business owners keen to streamline their vehicle washing.

Earlier this year one of the UK’s biggest fleets asked the team at GoWash to provide a solution to manage their nationwide vehicle washing needs. They responded with the GoWash Fleet Account.

The GoWash Fleet Account enables businesses to monitor and control the cleaning of any number of vehicles. It also enables their drivers to find and pay for a wash anywhere in the country and negates the need for petty cash and receipts reducing admin for office staff.

Whether working with a fleet of two or twenty thousand vehicles, from the GoWash Portal businesses can track and control expenses, specify how often vehicles can be washed and even generate reports flagging up if certain cars or vans aren’t being cleaned when they should be.

The GoWash Fleet Account
With a GoWash Fleet Account, businesses can reduce admin for drivers and maintain a clean fleet of any size with ease. Drivers simply download the app, use the filtered search to quickly find one of hundreds of car wash sites across the UK, and pay for a wash through their fleet account.

GoWash Portal – manage the cleaning of an entire fleet from one place Instant changes – instantly add or remove vehicles from the account
Easy for drivers – drivers use the GoWash app to charge the cost of a wash to the fleet account
Nationwide – vehicles stay clean with our nationwide network of car wash sites
Budget control – set frequency controls to manage expenses
Reporting – check which vehicles are due to be cleaned
Cost centres – split your expenses by cost centre or contract
Itemised billing – download a weekly invoice from the dashboard

The GoWash app is also available for the public to download and offers a simple cashless payment solution for drivers looking for a hand car wash nearby.
The app allows drivers to:

– Search for hand car washes, mobile operators, and valeting and detailing centres near their location
– View opening times, prices, and facilities at the car wash site
– Pay for their wash with Apple and Google Pay, all major credit/debit cards, or a GoWash Fleet Account
– View/save their receipt

The GoWash app is free to download on iOS and Android devices.

GoWash has an expanding network with hundreds of privately owned car washing and valeting business and is now working with Car Park Valeting, which has 120 sites in Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s and Asda.

Paperwork is being finalised to work with another firm that has 280 sites in another major supermarket and they are currently working on integration opportunities with with other businesses like The Car Wash Company which runs 50 sites in shopping centres.

Norwich-based entrepreneur, Jonny Billing, set his sights on revolutionising the car-washing industry by making it easier for customers to pay for services through his car wash payment app GoWash.

Jonny cut his teeth in the haulage industry working for Norfolk-based startup SNAP, which grew into an Europe-wide operation before being bought out by DCC PLC – one of the largest PLCs in the UK. Of his time there Jonny said, “we changed the haulage industry for the better, by removing cash and allowing HGV drivers to pay for parking and washing services through their licence plate”.

During his time at SNAP, Jonny launched ‘intruck’, the number one parking app for HGV drivers in the UK. “I certainly have the pedigree of someone who can achieve this” joked Jonny. “Over the last few years, I have honed a skill for spotting issues in industries and finding solutions to fix them.”

GoWash Fleets from GoWash on Vimeo.