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  Posted by: electime      18th July 2018

Fitting tools and equipment into the back of a van can be challenging but now tradesmen and women are being offered ten top tips for a perfectly packed vehicle.

Experts from LeaseVan.co.uk spoke to drivers about how to get the most out of their vans when transporting bulky equipment to and from job and came up with ten easy tips to make packing less of a headache.

Organising boxes by size, stacking them vertically, and using mattresses as padding are just three of the of the ten ways to fit as much as possible into the vehicle.

Tim Alcock, from LeaseVan.co.uk, said: “Tradesmen such as builders, plumbers and electricians have to carry a huge amount of equipment out with them each and every day.

“With each job requiring different tools it can take blood, sweat and tears to cram a load of  hefty items into the back of a small van.

“When loading, it’s important to think in terms of Tetris – what’s the best way items can fit together to maximise space.

“With these ten top tips, achieving an efficiently packed well organised van, and ensuring all items arrive in tact is now possible.”

Here are LeaseVan.co.uk ten top tips to pack a van efficiently:

 Pack your items as tightly as possible

This will stop the boxes and the items in them from moving around in transit, increasing the risk of breakages. Tying boxes down with rope or moving straps is another way to ensure there are no breakages.

 Stack boxes vertically/in tiers

Stacking boxes vertically will make efficient use of the van’s height and allow more room to pack furniture or more difficult items at the end.

 Put lighter more fragile items on top

On top of these fragile boxes you can put cushions or bags to add extra padding and not let any space go to waste.

 Organise boxes by similar size and shape

Organising the boxes this way will maximise the truck’s capacity, allowing you to fit more items in. It will also ensure that your packing is Tetris-esque, enabling boxes to fit together better.

 Pack any furniture last

If you are packing furniture, loading the boxes into the van first will create an even wall to pack the furniture against. Pack furniture as tightly as possible and then tie them down with rope or moving straps to prevent items moving and breaking in transit.

Make sure you distribute weight

Distribution of weight should always be taken into account, especially when loading a larger van. Pack the heavier boxes along the walls and the lighter ones in the middle as this will help to evenly distribute the weight and make the van easier to drive.

Place fragile items behind mattresses

Fragile items, such as artwork or mirrors, should be placed behind mattresses to give extra padding and protections, stopping breakages.

Fill in empty spaces with loose light-weight items

Use smaller, more durable items, such as rugs, to fill in empty spaces and maximise efficiency.

Fit chairs together

By turning a chair upside down and placing it on another you can create a satisfying Tetris stack that frees up a lot of space.

Pack essential items last

This point is especially important if you are packing your van to move to a new house. Packing items that you need straight away last will save you having to scramble through boxes to get your phone charger.