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  Posted by: electime      12th July 2018

NAPIT has released updated versions of its campaign infographics, designed to provide an at-a-glance guide to a range of issues in the industries which their members operate in.

The infographics have long been a key component of NAPIT’s work with external bodies, and a new set of up-to-date statistics, challenges and suggested solutions have now been added to handouts concerning clean growth and enforcement of Part P of the Building Regulations.

NAPIT’s research into compliance with Part P found that the vast majority of Local Authorities were not taking prosecution action against those whose work didn’t comply, despite electrical distribution systems causing almost 3,000 fires in England in 2015/16. The solutions set out in response to these statistics argue that all electrical work in the home should be made notifiable, and that assessment regimes across the industry should require all operatives to be assessed, rather than just the qualified supervisor.

Meanwhile, a publication titled ‘Moving Towards a Low Carbon Future’ explains how the Government is in danger of missing its carbon emission targets between 2023 and 2032 unless action is taken. NAPIT calls for policy makers to implement long-term strategies for transitioning to renewable technologies to provide certainty in the market, and to supplement this with incentives and education for installers and the public.

NAPIT’s Head of External Affairs, Charlotte Lee, said: “Our infographics are a really handy way to demonstrate some of the biggest issues affecting the industries which our members operate in. They make it easy for decision-makers across Government and our industry to understand the limitations of the current regulations, and show how further action could be taken to improve the situation across a range of sectors. There have been a number of changes to renewable policies over the last few years, so the time was right to take stock of the current situation, and how it could be improved. With reforms to the Building Regulations likely over the next few years following the publication of the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety, our handout on Part P compliance is a useful reminder that regulations can only bring about positive change if they are properly enforced.”

NAPIT’s other infographics cover electrical safety in the private rented sector, the removal of service cut-out fuses, the demand for electrical inspectors and recommendations on the Electrical Safety Clause. They can be found at