My KNX Store lights the way to new opportunities

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  Posted by: electime      18th January 2018

My KNX Store is offering the installers the opportunity to learn about the ‘potential’ of the Gira X1 by offering its customers dynamic servicing around ‘smart home’ installation via a Gira X1 promotion kit.

The specialist arm of Park Electrical Distributors says the Gira X1, is a “robust, professional” automation app that is convenient and easy to use.

Seen as the ‘cornerstone of the intelligent home’ because of its user-friendly interface it visualises the KNX installation of a single-family home.

With switching of lights on, off and dimming, raising and lowering blinds and optimising home temperature settings all across a building, the Gira X1 app is of economic benefit to installers and end-users.

Paul Kinghorn, general manager, KNX Building Technologies, said: “We recognise the huge potential in offering the Gira X1 app as we continue to highlight the importance of professional ‘smart homes’.

“As one of only a few providers of Gira KNX in the UK, the app is one of the most cost-effective products for intelligent building-technology whilst also offering greater convenience and security due to intelligent networking.

“The app has the functionality to be able to easily add on functions and the user can control it on the go. A quick installation with minimal effort required in its start-up and configuration make it the perfect kit to present your ‘smart home’.”

The Gira X1 promotion kit is currently on offer. The Gira X1 is only £200 when bought in the promotion kit. The whole kit is selling at the reduced price of £1,071.52. To find out more about the promotion kit, please visit: and use promo code ‘X1HAPPY’ to get this special offer.

My KNX Store is the only academy in the whole of the North of England to offer specialist training courses to enable people to become KNX integrators.

Upon completion of the training, participants will have the skills to install, programme and commission a KNX in a domestic environment.

Paul added: “We offer KNX certification at very competitive prices and our aim is to continue to grow the number of KNX engineers and therefore instillations. We continue to invest in our training academy to produce highly-skilled delegates.”

Located close to a range of transport links and accommodation, the next training course will take place in Park Electrical Distributor’s Gateshead branch week commencing 26 February.

This will be followed by a training course to be held in central London week commencing 23 April. Full details can be found at

Further details on the Gira X1 promotional kit and training courses can be found by following @myKNXstore on twitter or by making direct contact on or 01914970777.