KNIPEX Spare Parts help hard working tools last longer

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  Posted by: electime      13th February 2024

Available through its network of merchants and wholesalers, KNIPEX offers spare parts for many of its tools with interchangeable components, so you can maintain your tools’ performance without incurring the cost of complete replacements.

Hardworking tools may eventually experience some wear and tear, but that does not mean its life is over. Renewing certain parts of the tools like blades and push buttons when they wear out is economical, environmentally conscious and easy.For example, the KNIPEX Self-Adjusting Insulation Stripper (12 40 200) is designed to strip wires ranging from solid and multicore to finely stranded conductors. It works well with standard insulation materials and can handle flat ribbon conductors up to 10 mm in width. Its sharp blade, made of oil-hardened special tool steel, cuts cleanly through insulation without damaging the wires beneath, a critical factor for maintaining both safety and functionality. When the blade (12 49 01) eventually needs replacing, it’s quick and convenient to do so with just a screwdriver so you can always have a sharp blade that makes the repetitive job of cutting through wire, easy.

KNIPEX bolt cutters (71 72 610) offer a robust design that facilitates simple maintenance. Equipped with non-slip handles, a dozen adjustment positions for precision and induction-hardened cutting edges, they proficiently cut through chains, padlocks, bolts and screws.  Maintaining the efficiency and safety of these bolt cutters is straightforward. Users can effortlessly switch out the cutter head (71 79 760/ 910/ 460/ 610) when necessary, by unscrewing the nuts, replacing the head and securing everything back in place. This quick refurbishment process ensures that the bolt cutters are easily restored to peak condition, ready for the next job.

A clever pipe cutter that stands out for its meticulously sharp blades made from special surgical steel, the KNIPEX BiX® (90 22 10 BK) cuts high-temperature plastic drainpipes and electrical conduits without creating shavings and can trim sealing sleeves flush against walls during final installations. Precision work like this calls for tools that are always at their sharpest, so KNIPEX has integrated not just one, but two spare blades within the tool’s body to ensure that, no matter where you are or what you’re cutting, the perfect edge is just a quick swap away. If you need extra blades, there is a set of eight available too (90 22 10 E01).

When it’s time to reach for your trusty pliers, they must be in top-notch condition to get each job done safely and efficiently. Although it happens rarely, if the push button on the KNIPEX Cobra®, the pliers wrench or the KNIPEX TwinGrip Slip Joint Pliers becomes worn, you don’t need a new tool – an assortment of spare parts is available (87 09 01). It takes just a few moments to replace the included push button and the pliers are ready for use again.

Maintaining tools always occasionally involves replacing worn-out components. KNIPEX knows this and caters to it by offering a range of spare parts for tools designed with interchangeable elements, enabling rejuvenation rather than complete replacement.

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