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  Posted by: electime      16th December 2020

Domus Ventilation, part of the Polypipe group, is pleased to announce its energy efficient ventilation products have been listed on the BEAMA Green Homes Compliance Scheme.

BEAMA is the UK trade association for manufacturers and providers of energy infrastructure technologies and systems.  It has created the Green Homes Compliance Scheme to help installers identify products that will meet Building Regulations and deliver effective ventilation.

Changes to Building Regulations Part F, Ventilation are due to be released very shortly.  Airtightness testing will be mandatory for all new dwellings under the revised regulations and air flow requirements have been increased.  To ensure compliance, the standards have been simplified in relation to a property’s air permeabilityto make them easier to understand and inspect.

The Green Homes Compliance Scheme provides ventilation installers with a downloadable list of Building Regulations compliant fans, which will overcome any potential problems that could occur as a result of increasing the airtightness of a dwelling.  The fans have all been confirmed as capable of removing air at a defined ratewhen installed – and not just under test conditions – overcoming any resistance to air-flow from ducts or grilles etc.

Domus Ventilation fans listed under the Green Homes Compliance Scheme include the Sapphire range of intermittent axial, in-line and centrifugal bathroom and kitchen extract fans and Decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation (dMEV) units.  They are available as both standard and energy efficient models, with extremely low Specific Fan Powers (SFP) to comply with Building Regulations at an extremely attractive price point – making them perfect for new builds as well as replacements for home owners looking to reduce their carbon footprint.  They come in a contemporary and minimalist design, coupled with extremely quiet performance.

The BEAMA Green Homes Compliance Scheme is seen as an important step forward by Paul Williams, Domus Ventilation Product Manager: “As a long standing BEAMA member, Domus Ventilation has been an active participant in shaping the new Building Regulations Part F.  We have been pushing for clarification in the regulations to make them easier to understand and implement.  Now that this has been achieved, it is vital that installers play their part by selecting ventilation products that will ensure compliance.  The Green Homes Compliance Scheme makes compliant product selection that much easier.”

Domus Ventilation has a well-deserved reputation for quality, supported by excellent technical support, from a market leading manufacturer and designer.  It is well placed to offer immediate, practical solutions to Building Regulations Parts F & L.

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