Varilight Urban Collection: Inspirational Finishes for Stylish Spaces

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  Posted by: electime      28th November 2018

Varilight Urban is a new collection of dimmers, switches and sockets available in four exciting finishes, inspired by the latest trends in urban interior design: the stylish Brushed Bronze; our most requested finish – Matt Black; elegant Polished Copper; and highly fashionable Brushed Brass. Each finish is presented on a contemporary bevel-edge plate style.

The new Varilight Urban collection also features a new system for ordering dimmer switches to increase flexibility. The new system, called Varilight Matrix, enables customers to mix and match from a wide selection of dimmer modules on one faceplate. The system works by customers order a Matrix dimmer plate kit and then ordering the dimmer modules they need separately. Each Matrix plate kit comprises a faceplate, control knobs, nuts and a box spanner for simple assembly on site.

Alongside these releases, Varilight are adding the option of Brushed Steel as a new finish on its Bevelled Edge faceplate in its Classic Collection.

Commenting on the new range, George Fry at Varilight, says, “We are adding Brushed Steel as an option on our Bevelled Edge faceplate largely in response to popular demand. Brushed Steel remains our most popular finish and it looks great on the Bevelled Edge faceplate, bringing a modern twist to one of our most enduring finishes.”

Meanwhile, Varilight’s Classic Rounded Edge Matt Chrome range will still be available as part of the Varilight Value Range.