Unicrimp introduces Catenary Wire and Jack Chain ranges

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  Posted by: electime      4th November 2021

Unicrimp, part of the Scolmore Group of companies, continues to expand its cable accessories portfolio and the latest development sees the addition of Catenary Wire, Jack Chains and associated accessory products to the growing range.

Catenary wire is used to create an overhead catenary to support pipes, banners, cables and lighting, for example.  The range comprises two lengths of 3mm galvanised steel wire rope (50 metres and 30 metres).  This is a flexible cable which has a 650kg breaking load.  Included in the Catenary accessories range are 3mm zinc electroplated steel wire rope grips – used to create loop ends or eyelets at the of the steel wire rope by simply tightening the nuts; 3mm wire rope eyelets; M8 zinc plated strainer adjustable rigging screws; zinc electroplated steel wire hook wall plates and zinc electroplated steel wire ring plates.

Jack Chain is a flexible general-purpose chain used for a variety of applications including suspending luminaires and signage, for example.  Unicrimp’s bright galvanised steel Jack Chain is supplied in 10M lengths and range also includes 25mm hook plates, for use with conduit and capable of holding up to 5kg load, and single ceiling hook plates – suitable for hanging ceiling pendant lights and able to take a weight load of 5kg.

For further information contact Unicrimp on 01827 300600: sales@unicrimp.com or visit www.unicrimp.com