Screwfix Replaces Iconic Paper Catalogue with Digital Screens

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  Posted by: electime      23rd August 2022

After 30 years of production, omnichannel retailer Screwfix has announced it will no longer be printing physical copies of its catalogue, instead introducing digital screens in store showing its full 37,000 product range, compared to just 16,000 in the catalogue. The move comes with a commitment to remain responsive and offer Screwfix customers market leading prices and deals.

With increasing numbers of customers shopping online and a significant reduction in the number of customers using the catalogue over the past few years, the retailer is focused on delivering hyper convenience, centred around its digital offering across its app, website, and in store order points.

Screwfix has always been committed to helping busy tradespeople get their jobs done quickly, affordably, and right first time. Screwfix started its journey back in 1979 as a mail order company before opening its first physical store in 2005. With a store network of over 800 stores across the UK and Republic of Ireland and 11 million active customers, Screwfix continues to be one of the fastest growing retailers.

John Mewett, Screwfix CEO, commented: “Our iconic catalogue has been a huge part a part of our brand identity for the past 30 years, however it only includes a small part of our extensive range and doesn’t reflect our latest prices. In recent years we’ve seen customers increasingly prefer to shop with our app or online and switching to digital screens in store will mean we can provide the same great experience.”

Through its customer-first approach, the national retailer launched its one-hour delivery service ‘Screwfix Sprint’ in 2021. Sitting alongside the existing and hugely popular Click & Collect service, where customers can shop online or over the phone and pick-up goods from a store in as little as one minute, Screwfix Sprint is the next-level leap of Screwfix’s e-commerce service innovations. Available in over 300 stores across the UK, Screwfix Sprint meets the growing demand from UK tradespeople for affordable and quick-to-have, high-quality products.

The Screwfix catalogue has been iconic for the past three decades, with over 300 editions since the launch in 1992. The catalogue started with just a small handful of products and its final edition featured 16,000 of the 37,000 Screwfix products available.