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  Posted by: electime      1st April 2022

Right size packaging technology allows companies to create an environmentally sustainable packaging solution while cutting their cardboard consumption by at least 25 per cent.

Ribble Packaging Ltd, the UK leading manufacturers of Fanfold corrugated board and packaging automation experts, have provided some of the UK’s biggest retailers and manufacturers with green packaging solutions that alleviate the strain of cardboard shortages and eliminates plastic packaging products.

“Right Size technology has seen a steady increase in the UK over the last few years, as companies look for greener packaging methods and more flexibility in how they manage and operate their packaging requirements,” said Stephen Rector, Owner and Managing Director of Ribble Packaging. “With the events of 2020 and a greater emphasis on the role of e-commerce within the retail industry, we have seen a rise in demand of Right Size technology that can cope with the ever-changing retail landscape.”

Right Size packaging solutions consist of a packaging machine placed on a customer’s site fed by Fanfold corrugated board (a concertina of continuous cardboard sheet) that allows Right Size solutions to automatically cut the right amount of material needed for a perfect size box for each product being packaged.

With a shift towards greener packaging materials and a worldwide cardboard shortage, many companies have struggled to source the packaging materials they need or are forced to seek less sustainable alternatives. Right Size packaging technology removes excess product packaging by placing each product in the perfect size box – this reduces cardboard consumption overall, typically by 25 per cent. Current Right Size customers are also benefitting from purchasing Fanfold corrugated board rather than conventional cardboard boxes. By removing conventional box purchasing and switching to Fanfold, companies only purchase the amount of cardboard they require rather than having surplus boxes due to minimum order quantities dictated by suppliers. All of these benefits lead to Right Size customers reducing their amount of cardboard consumption and relieving pressure on the cardboard supply chain.

Ribble Packaging Ltd is a packaging automation specialist and corrugated cardboard manufacturer based in Oldham, UK. Ribble are the UK’s leading manufacturer of Fanfold corrugated board and have a long history of working alongside packaging machinery manufacturers including Panotec, Quadient and CMC.