New additions to ESP’s best-selling Aperta door entry range

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  Posted by: electime      30th April 2020

ESP is expanding one of its best-selling products – the Aperta EZTAG door entry system – to offer installers with more choice and wholesalers more opportunities for sales. 

EZTAG3 is a sleek keypad and proximity reader, designed to provide a compact, durable and convenient solution for a wide variety of access control applications.  Already available in silver, ESP has now introduced a black version which will broaden its appeal for a range of installations.

Offering straightforward installation and commissioning and with simple self-contained programming, EZTAG3 is an IP65 rated weatherproof combined access control keypad with proximity tag or pin code activation, accommodating up to 1,010 key tag holders or pin numbers.  Users approach the keypad and enter a four digit code or hold a personal proximity tag within a few inches to activate one of the EZTAG3’s two on board relays which in turn activates an appropriate door release in separate controlled areas.  The EZTAG3 supports two separate lock outputs, as well as fail safe and fail secure locks. 

It comes complete with 10 tags and features a robust housing with a narrow (45mm x 152mm) footprint allowing installation where space is at a premium. The units are further enhanced with the use of LED operational indicators and an attractive blue backlighting of the keypad. There is also a doorbell option.

A new black keypad is also being introduced for the EZTAG3PRO Kit (pictured), which offers a complete door entry system in one handy and convenient box, and comprises:

  • EZTAG3 proximity door entry keypad
  • 10 proximity tags
  • Electromagnetic lock
  • Boxed power supply – with optional backup battery
  • Push to exit button or mushroom button
  • Emergency break glass

ESP’s technical support team is available during working hours from Monday to Friday to offer any advice or support that maybe required.

For further information, contact ESP on 01527 515150, email or visit