MT Cable Catchers make site work safer

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  Posted by: electime      6th December 2017

Innovative Cable Catchers are the latest product launched by market-leading cable management manufacturer Marshall-Tufflex.

Cable Catchers are designed to lift trailing cables off the floor and remove site trip hazards during the construction and installation stages of a new-build or retrofit project, allowing electrical contractors to work safely and in line with Health and Safety Executive recommendations.

The product comes in two variants:

Cable Catcher Hanger holds up to nine 110v arctic cables with a maximum load of 5kg. Hang from scaffolding, cable trays and ceiling grids, space every two metres.
Cable Catcher Patch is designed for finished surfaces and holds up to six 110v arctic cables with a maximum load of 1kg. Fix with damage-free adhesive backing on to dry, dust-free finished surfaces. Space every two metres. Pull adhesive tape tab to remove.
“Cable Catchers are a quick and easy way to temporarily position 110v cables (from temporary lighting or mains powered tools, for example) out of the way to increase safety on site and reduce the chance of accidents,” said Marshall-Tufflex Technical Manager Nick Hayler. “They are complementary products offering temporary cable management, adding to our existing range of solutions.”

British manufacturer Marshall-Tufflex prides itself on supplying high quality, high-performance trunking solutions that are quick and easy for electrical contractors to install. Cable Catchers are an extension of this philosophy, delivering an easy method of making construction sites safer and installation quicker.

Cable Catchers are available via leading electrical wholesalers.