Light Efficient Design UK 140+ lumens per watt sets price performance standard for retrofit LED lamps

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  Posted by: electrical-poster      14th November 2017

Light Efficient Design UK Limited high quality retrofit LED corn lamps are more efficient than ever. Compared to a typical 100 watt imported corn lamp, Light Efficient Design’s equivalent product uses just 65 watts to produce similar lumens for a cost lower price. So customers can save money when buying and continue to reap the benefits with lower energy costs over life.

In addition to delivering superior energy efficiency and an unbeatable 90 pence per 100 lumens, Light Efficient Design’s product boats a host of other as standard features and benefits including five year warranty, instead of the usual three, and an enhanced light quality with 4000k rather than 6000K Colour Temperature (CT).

The product’s enclosed led design and integral maglev cooling fan ensures a guaranteed minimum 50,000 hour/5 year lifetime and tested and approved for use in enclosed fittings without danger of overheating. Last but not least the product is fully CE/ROHS tested and LM79 LM80 data compliant to provide users genuine photometry.

“As the world’s largest retrofit LED HID manufacturer, Light Efficient Design is committed to making the widest range of competitively priced, fully tested, high quality products available to wholesalers, contractors and end users,” said Michael Morrison, Light Efficient Design UK’s managing director.

“The unbeatable price/performance of our lamps is a shining example.”

Samples are available from UK stock as part of the 60 day trial programme.

Light Efficient Design UK’s Newbury-based warehouse offers prompt delivery to UK/Ireland electrical wholesalers and help is available through a national network of lighting sales engineers and electrical wholesalers.