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  Posted by: electime      26th July 2018

Since it introduced its first Flow Connector in 2007, Scolmore has continually developed the category to offer a comprehensive range of products that offer simple connectivity and control across a broad spectrum of lighting project requirements.

With the emphasis now on flexibility and ease of installation, many building design projects are focussing on products and services that can adapt to changing legislation, energy efficiency and the ever changing needs of the client.

Scolmore’s Flow Connector range makes the wiring of a lighting circuit easy, using a combination of connectors, hubs and management boxes. The unique design of the Flow Connector products prevents the possibility of incorrect polarity connection, which is a problem with other similar products that are making their way into the market.

The Flow Lighting Management System is designed specifically to help contractors create more complex lighting installations quickly, easily and safely. It features a number of products that allow the quick connection, configuration and re-configuration of circuits, using a simple ‘plug and play’ concept. Built-in selectable configurations will save significant time in the planning and fitting stages of a project, leading to reduced labour requirements and resulting in cost savings. Changeable switch modes mean that if an installation’s requirements should change, it can be easily altered to suit.

The Flow range currently comprises 22 different products including two lighting management boxes and mounting tray, a variety of 3-pole and 4-pole Flow Connectors, extension cables, Flow Connectors with Link Cables (pre-wired), plus a ceiling rose and cover. A brochure covering the whole Flow range can be downloaded from the Scolmore website www.scolmore.com.

For further details visit www.scolmore.com. Email sales@scolmore.com or contact Scolmore on 01827 63454.