Simply Saving Energy with DANLERS Microwave switches

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  Posted by: electime      31st July 2019

DANLERS have launched a new range of cost-effective mid-range Microwave presence detection switches for the automatic control of lighting and ventilation.

The products detect movement within the detection area and control the load accordingly. Each product is suitable for switching most lighting loads including LED and have a detection range of up to 12m.

MWCEFL is suitable for flush mounting into false or plasterboard ceilings. MWCEFL has a snap fit cover allowing for easy adjustment of time lag and lux level functions. Its slim profile is visually unobtrusive making it suitable for corridors, offices, washrooms etc.

MW6A2C IP67 and MW2A IP67 are IP67 rated and are suitable for surface mounting on walls or ceilings. With an operating temperature range of -30 ºC to 70ºC these controls may be suitable for cold storage facilities as well as factories, warehouses etc. MW6A2C IP67 has two channel output for controlling two separate circuits such as lights and fans.

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