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  Posted by: electime      10th July 2018

Scolmore has today announced the successful conclusion of two substantial legal cases which it brought against businesses which Scolmore claimed was infringing its intellectual property rights.

In a case in the UK, Scolmore discovered that CDS Superstores (which trades in the UK as “The Range”) had been selling domestic lamps which had counterfeit plugs attached to them. These counterfeits were copies of Scolmore’s genuine products. Scolmore secured an injunction against CDS preventing it from dealing with any counterfeit Scolmore products in future. CDS also paid Scolmore a substantial sum in damages.

In a case in Germany (but with consequences across Europe) in 2017, Scolmore sued a company called Daxten GmbH for infringement of one of Scolmore’s European Patents which covers Scolmore’s novel “IEC Lock” locking IEC connector. The proceedings have now been settled by mutual consent. Daxten and certain affiliates have now taken a licence from Scolmore, under which Daxten will pay Scolmore royalties for selling certain products in Europe.

Peter Bridgwater, Purchasing Director for Scolmore said as follows:

“Scolmore has always been an innovator in its field. This has always given us a competitive advantage. When you are an innovator, others will always seek the “easy” option of copying you. These cases show that we will always pursue any infringer, wherever we find them. We are prepared to fight our cases on multiple fronts in different countries. Our intellectual property is one of our most prized assets.”