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  Posted by: electime      30th November 2022

Scolmore has added Safety Lampholders to its Click Wiring Accessories range.  A B22d safety pendant and batten have been designed and manufactured by the company with the aim of keeping the user safe from electrical shocks.  The J-slot mechanism has the ability to disconnect power to the plungers when the lamp is removed.  This will prevent the risk of electric shock when removing or installing lamps.

When there is no lamp inserted the electrical connection is isolated to the Lampholder contacts.  When a BC/B22 lamp is inserted into the Lampholder and secured in the J-Slots, the electrical connection to the contacts and lamp is restored.

The new range comprises 9” and 6” T2 BC Ceiling Safety Pendant Sets and a T2BC Loop-in Batten Safety Lampholder with Straight Skirt.