Scolmore Group sponsors 18th edition live cinema event

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  Posted by: electime      3rd July 2018

As a leading player in the electrical accessories, lighting and security sectors, Scolmore cares about the future of the electrical industry and invests a significant amount of time and money to help support and promote the industry through a range of measures including sponsorship, event organisation and attendance.

Our support for the NICEIC goes a long way back and the Scolmore group is proud to continue this relationship by becoming one of the sponsors of the innovative 18th Edition Live event taking place across the country on 4th July

NICEIC and ELECSA will be broadcasting a unique technical conference on the 18th Edition of IET wiring regulations from the Faraday Theatre in London to 40 cinema screens. The event will be streamed live via satellite across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Commented NICEIC and ELECSA’s marketing director Mark Smith: “The upcoming launch of the 18th Edition will be an important time for every electrician across the UK. We wanted to do something unique, affordable and easily accessible to help contractors gain an improved insight into the forthcoming changes. This will be a genuine world first. It has never been attempted on this scale anywhere in the world before. It is something we are sure every electrician across the nation will want to see.”

The 18th Edition seminar will be hosted by industry experts Darren Staniforth and Alan Wells and the talk will focus on the changes included in the new regulations and what it will mean for electricians in their day-to-day work.

Over 6,000 tickets have already been booked for the event, making the 18th Edition Live Cinema event now the largest event in the history of the electrical industry.