Post-Carillon we need to do what’s right for the industry, says Build UK

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  Posted by: electime      7th March 2018

Build UK is clear that it can, and will, provide the “strong, bold and incisive leadership” that the construction industry needs to bring together the supply chain including clients, contractors, specialist contractors and now professional services, and institutions.

Build UK believes that the lack of trust between parties throughout the whole construction supply chain drives the way it behaves and if ever there was a catalyst for change this is it and if there was a time, it is now.

Build UK said that the priorities of Improving Business Performance, Increasing Productivity and Recruiting, Training and Retain Talent, identify that unless it addresses the Commercial Model currently in operation construction will never truly be able to deliver an industry that is fit for purpose.

To show that it means business, to demonstrate that working collectively will benefit all and to change the way construction services are both procured and provided, Build UK’s focus over the coming year will be to deliver three outcomes that will make a difference.

    • We have brought together a task force to identify the bespoke contractual clauses regularly introduced to the standard forms of contract that demand the impossible and perpetuate the inequitable transfer of risk. Together we intend to challenge the status quo.
    • We will publicly benchmark our Members on their payment performance helping clients, contractors and suppliers to make informed decisions about who they work with on their projects.
    • We will implement a roadmap to zero retentions addressing both the practice and its underlying drivers, changing payment practices for ever

Build IK added in a statement: “Improving our business performance and rewarding success with a sustainable level of profit will enable the industry to drive innovation, invest in future skills and apprenticeships and support the digital transformation we would all like to see.

“The prize cannot be understated but it requires both leadership and the industry to be unified and united if we are to claim it. The Build UK board, on behalf of Build UK, represents 40% of the construction sector. It is prepared to lead the charge and by all of us working together we can change the industry from one of mediocrity to one which realises its potential to be truly world class.”