CTEK launches new 4-socket EV charging solution

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  Posted by: electime      1st September 2021

Vehicle charging specialist CTEK has launched a new 4-socket electric vehicle (EV) charging solution, making the swift, cost-effective installation of robust, reliable charging networks easier than ever.

This unique solution, developed by CTEK’s engineers at their innovation centre in Sweden, features two dual socket CTEK Chargestorm Connected 2 AC chargers mounted back-to-back on steel brackets fitted to a standard 60mm diameter pole, so four EVs can plug in and charge at the same time.

As you only need to dig one hole and fix one pole into the ground for every four charging points, installation is quicker, easier and more cost effective, as well as saving on space and considerably reducing the construction materials needed.

CTEK’s Chargestorm Connected 2 chargers and mounting poles can be used inside and out, and are built using robust, top quality components and materials for maximum reliability and reduced maintenance. The chargers themselves have a durable IK10/IP54 rated metal casing, built to withstand a Swedish Winter, that protects from the weather and deters vandalism. The brackets and poles are made from tough galvanised steel. This high build quality also results in less downtime, which is a key frustration for EV owners and, in the unlikely event that there are any problems with CTEK chargers, 95% of them can be fixed remotely.

This innovative, space saving charging solution is ideal for small parking areas, including businesses looking to provide charging facilities for their clients, customers and staff, For larger installations, like major public car parks, the sets of four chargers can be linked together in networks of up to 500 individual chargers on 125 poles. This is particularly useful in double row ‘bay’ parking situations, where vehicle are parked ‘front to front’.

The dual bracket also has sufficient space for a terminal block, into which installers can fix the power and data cables for a tidy and secure installation. Installers can also run power and data cables directly between networked Chargestorm Connected 2 chargers via a switch kit, saving time and cable costs.

CTEK’s chargers integrate seamlessly with other manufacturers’ chargers and systems through Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). And, as demand inevitably grows, more chargers can be added without any need for system upgrade. They also come with smart charging as standard, supporting up to 80 different charging profiles that allow drivers to choose the time, power and length of charge.

Craig Slater, CTEK’s UK Sales Manager, said: “A recent YouGov/CTEK survey has revealed a gradual move away from home charging, with more than a third (37%) of EV drivers now charging their cars in public and at destinations like supermarkets, hotels and shopping centres, and 12% charging at work.1

“We hope that this new back-to-back solution will provide a simpler, cost effective way to meet this growing demand for public and destination charging, as well as providing a compact solution for communal parking areas in residential developments.”

For more information, visit www.ctekemobility.com.

Technical specifications

CTEK Chargestorm® Connected 2  View product sheet

  • Dynamic load balancing and smart profiling as standard
  • 4 to 22kW AC charging, single or three phase power
  • Pole or wall mounting, inside or outside
  • Operates at temperatures from -30 °C to +50 °C
  • Weight 24kg, dimensions 449mm high x 282mm wide x 160mm deep
  • IP54 and IK10 protection
  • 2 year warranty

Mounting brackets View product sheet

  • Steel, painted black
  • Weight 7.5kg, dimensions 540mm hight x 240mm wide x 310mm deep

Mounting pole

  • 60mm wide, 1500mm tall
  • Hollow galvanised steel